Holy Week activities – Spy Wednesday

Today is “Spy Wednesday”……..

Spy Wednesday references the betrayal of Jesus by Judas Iscariot.  Today we recall from the Gospel reading (Matthew 26:14-25)  how Judas first conspired with the Sanhedrin to betray Jesus for 30 pieces of sliver.

At our house each year, it is tradition that, when our school kids get home from school, we have a “Spy Wednesday Silver Hunt”.  I hide 30 pieces of silver (dimes, nickels, quarters) around the house and the kids go on a spy hunt to find them.  It’s finders-keepers.  We talk about how in Holy Week leading up to Easter, Judas betrays Jesus by “ratting” out his location so the chief priests (Sanhedrin) can arrest Jesus.  We also talk to the kids about ways that we betray Jesus, because we are all sinners by nature.

Having your own Spy Wed Silver hunt is easy & quick and can become a tradition at your house starting this year.  Have fun.

While discussing betrayals, big and small, show your non-squeamish kids this piece by Giotto.  Besides being just generally disturbing (He’s selling his friend’s life in an everyday business transaction!) it is a great illustration of Satan, ever whispering over our shoulders, that such things are a good, justifiable idea.

And if you haven’t been to confession recently … (you know what to do).


Thanks again to Robyn for sharing this great tradition with her Family Formation families and with all of us.


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