Summer Celebrations – Father’s Day

In the interest of planning ahead:

While Father’s Day is not a Church celebration, it is a great opportunity to honor all the fathers and spiritual fathers in your life.  Make a list of all the men who have had a positive influence on your life; your father, grandfathers, uncles, god father, priests, and other friends and neighbors may all qualify!

  • Remember to pray for them on Father’s Day.  It’s the greatest gift of all and it’s free!
  • Send a card to your godfather and your priest.  Remind them all of your prayers and thank them for being spiritual fathers to you.
  • Send a card to your adopted seminarian from January’s Family Formation lesson, reminding him that you’re still praying for him.
  • You can make a nice card for your priest by using a piece of black construction paper and a white address label.  Simply fold the black paper in half to form the card, cut the label in half and stick one piece to the top of the card, as pictured.  You can then attach a piece of white paper inside and write or draw your Father’s Day message.

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