Summer Saints – Anthony

Saint Anthony was born in Portugal near the end of the twelfth century.  His greatest joy was work among the needy and poor people in Italy and France.  He had a way of making the most difficult teachings simple enough for everyone to understand, and whenever Anthony spoke of Jesus, many listened and came to love Jesus too. Anthony was an outstanding preacher and his sermons were filled with profound wisdom and gentleness.  When Anthony died, it is said that all the church bells in the city rang.  People believed that angels came to earth to ring the bells for the death of the saint.

Anthony is called the “hammer of heretics” because of his simple and profound responses to their lies, and is still known to be a great help if you need to find something that is lost.  He was so wise that he was named a Doctor of the Church, and his speaking was so eloquent that over 300 years later it was found that his tongue was miraculously incorrupt (not decayed)!

Saint Anthony is  patron of many different things (animals, pets, elderly people, expectant mothers, lost articles, and poor people to name just a few), but he is also a  patron of travelers.  If you do any traveling this summer, consider praying this prayer at the beginning of your trip and ask Saint Anthony to go with you.

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