Summer Saints – Birth of John the Baptist

John the Baptist was a “herald.”  It was his job to announce that the Messiah would soon be coming, and he was a bold witness who told people to repent and prepare themselves for Jesus.  He wanted people to repent of their sins and be baptized in the redeeming waters of God’s mercy.  John was very blunt and fearless in his preaching, but he was also humble and famously said that he was not even worthy to fasten Jesus’ sandal straps for Him.

  • John’s connection with baptism makes this a perfect day to play water games outside.
  • If it’s more of an indoor play day, take time to look at photos and other mementos of your baptism day.
  • This is a great day to pray for your godparents.
  • John was also known for some pretty eccentric behavior.  Matthew 3:1-6 describes him as living in the desert and eating locusts and wild honey.  (A locust is a lot like a big grasshopper.)  You can celebrate in a tastier way by making Grasshopper Milkshakes.

2 cups mint-chocolate chip ice cream

1/2 cup milk

Additional mint flavoring (optional)

Blend until mixed, top with a crushed chocolate cookie, if you’d like.

2 servings



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