Summer Saints – Thomas the Apostle

Saint Thomas was one of the twelve apostles called by Jesus.  When Lazarus was sick and Jesus wanted to visit him, the other apostles told Jesus that it was too dangerous for him to go to Judea.  But Thomas was brave and said, “Let us also go to die with him.” (John 11:16)

After the Resurrection, Thomas wasn’t there when Jesus appeared to the other apostles in the upper room.  When he heard about the appearance of Jesus, Thomas said didn’t believe them and said,

Unless I see the mark of the nails in his hands and put my finger into the nail marks and put my hand into his side, I will not believe. When Jesus came back a week later, He told Thomas to put his fingers into the nail marks and put his hands into Jesus’ side.  Then, Thomas believed that Christ had risen.  (John 20:25)

After Pentecost, Thomas traveled east, evangelizing as he went.  He eventually got all the way to India, where he built the first church in the entire country.  In the year 72, he was martyred for the Faith in India.  He is the patron saint of that country, architects, and construction workers.

Follow Saint Thomas’ church-building example by building a sand castle or some kind of fort today.  When you’re done with your fort, gather a little “congregation” of some sort (friends or toy friends) and read the story of Saint Thomas from a Bible story book or from John 20:19-29


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