Summer Saints – Henry

In 972, German Duke Henry II and his wife Princess Gisela had a baby boy and named him Henry, after his father.  His parents planned for him to become a priest, so he was sent to school to learn and grow in holiness.  Henry worked very hard to make the Church in Germany strong, and he traveled all across the land to make sure that people were living peacefully and according to the laws of God.

At that time, the King of Germany was chosen by the Church, and when the time came to select a new king, Henry (who had not become a priest) was chosen!  After he led his army into Italy to defeat an enemy there, the pope crowned him the Holy Roman Emperor.  Now that he was the ruler of the whole empire, Henry traveled almost all the time, making sure that people were living peacefully with each other, and solving problems.  Even though this kept him very busy, Henry was still pious and prayed as much as he could.  He wanted to make sure that everything he did was for God’s glory.

While you’re traveling this summer, be sure to follow King Henry’s holy example and keep God at the center of your life!  A rosary only takes about 20 minutes, so even a fairly short trip is a good time to practice with your Rosary Cards.  If you have any lessons you didn’t quite have time for during the past year, travel time could also be a good time to do them, and you could also try some of these car games:
Name That Tune:  Ask one person to start this by humming a song we sing in Church or another song everyone is familiar with.  The first person to correctly name the song then takes their turn.

 The Saint Game: Using the letters on license plates that you see as you are driving, see if family members can think of a saint’s name that starts with that same letter.

The Road Sign Game: Play an alphabetical game of the things and people in the Bible by using the words on the road signs that you drive past.

Family members work together by trying to find a road sign that contains a word starting with the letter A.  Then, everyone thinks of a person or thing in the Bible that starts with an A such as ark, Abraham, etc.  Continue with the letter B and so on and see how far you can get in the alphabet while you travel.


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