Summer Saints – Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene was known by everyone around her as a sinner.  Jesus knew too, but He loved her anyway.  She saw how wrong she had been and felt very sorry for her sins.  Jesus forgave her, and Mary’s life changed completely.  From that point on, she joined other holy women and dedicated her life to humbly serving Jesus and His apostles.  In fact, she was one of the few followers who were at the cross with Jesus, and was the first to see Him on Easter morning!  Mary Magdalene gives us hope that we can change our own sinful ways, and reminds us that even when we sin God forgives us and freely loves us.

 Play a few games of hangman with words related to the life of Saint Mary Magdalene.  Word choices for beginners could be sorry, forgive, humble, and change. Use words like contrition, repent, conversion, and penitent for more advanced players.

This is a good day to test your memory on the Act of Contrition.  Write each word or phrase on a note card and mix them up.  Take turns timing each other on how quickly your players can put all the cards in order.

And finally, have you been to confession yet this summer?  If not, check your parish bulletin for times and make plans to go as soon as possible.

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