Summer Saints – Joachim and Anne

Saints Joachim and Anne were the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the grandparents of Jesus.  Although we don’t have many definite facts about them, several details have been passed along in stories by the early Christians.  We are told that they originally lived in Galilee, and then moved to Jerusalem.  Some stories say that Joachim was an important man, but he and Anne did not have any children.  They prayed that God would send them a child, and God answered their prayers by sending them Mary.  On December 8, we celebrate Mary’s Immaculate Conception, and nine months later, on September 8, we celebrate her birth.

Long before Jesus was born, God had a plan for the family He would be born into.  We can tell by reading about Mary in the gospels that she was taught to love and trust God.  It was through the example of her own loving family that Mary learned how to be a good mother to Jesus.

Activity:  Draw a family tree to trace your grandparents and great-grandparents, or simply make a list of all the ancestors you know of.  Place the list on your prayer table and during your family prayer times this week pray for both your living and deceased grandparents.

This would also be a great day to write a note to your grandparents or do something fun with them.


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