Summer Saints – Stephen

Stephen was born in Hungary in 975.  When he was ten, he and his father were baptized together, and when he became the first king of Hungary, one of the first things he did was to ask the Pope to send bishops so the area could be organized into dioceses under the guidance and authority of these bishops.  Stephen  had a great desire for the Church to spread and he started monasteries not only in Hungary, but all over the world.  Stephen encouraged the people to tithe, or give money, to the Church in order to help the poor and build more churches and he knew it was important to build beautiful churches that would give people an earthly “picture” of the beauty  and truth of God!

Today is a good time to think about religious art:

  • Is there a Catholic book store in your area?  Visit it and spend time looking at the various pieces they have for sale.
  • Do you live near an art museum with religious art?  Visit today and get a sense of all the different ways the truths of the Faith can be represented in art.
  • Visit a church with beautiful art (Your diocesan cathedral may be a good choice!)  While there, look for the following:
    • A painting, window or statue depicting the patron of the church
    • The Stations of the Cross
    • The Blessed Virgin
    • Saint Joseph
    • The Holy Spirit

Saint Stephen is also the patron of bricklayers.  Look for the cornerstone of your church and note the date when it was built.


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