Summer Saints – Rose of Lima

In 1586 in Lima, Peru, a baby girl named Isabel was born.  She was so beautiful that her family called her “Rose.”  Her parents loved to show off their beautiful daughter, but Rose had dedicated herself to God and didn’t want to be admired.  She cut off her hair and rubbed peppers on her face so that she would not be so pretty.  Rose’s parents were very poor, so she worked as a servant to earn money for them.  Her parents wanted her to get married, but Rose refused because she wanted to become a nun.

Rose did lots of fasting and penance in order to grow closer to God.  She received Communion as often as she could and spent hours in Adoration.  She offered all of her sufferings for the conversion of sinners and for the souls in purgatory.  Rose died in 1617 and was canonized in 1671.  Since Peru is in South America, Rose was known as the first American to become a saint.

Saint Rose of Lima is a patron of many groups and things including florists, gardeners, against vanity, Americas, and those who do needlework.

You can easily create a bouquet in her honor with some tissue paper and pipe cleaners.

  1. Cut your tissue paper into 8-inch squares.
  2. Stack 4-5 sheets on top of each other.
  3. Keeping them layered, fold the stack back and forth, accordion style, so it looks like a thin rectangle.
  4. Cut a small, V-shaped notch on each side of the center and twist the end of a pipe cleaner around this notch.
  5. Gently separate all the layers on each side of the center and fluff them up into a flower shape.

Saint Rose set up a room in her house as a free medical clinic for the poor children and elderly people who were ill.  Encourage your children to set up a dramatic play clinic at home (a play doctor’s kit would work well) and use their stuffed animals and dolls as patients.


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