Catechist Saints – Gregory I

It’s tempting to think that our current times are the hardest ones in which to live a life of faith, but during the life of Saint Gregory (c. 540-604), the people of Italy were subjected to plague (over 1/3 of the population died), confusion, riots, famine, and invading armies.

Gregory came from a family with strong ties to the Church and longed to live a peaceful life of prayer as a Benedictine monk. At the age of 50, however, he was elected Pope, and that changed everything!  While Gregory mourned the loss of his quiet life, he still set to work with great energy to reform the liturgy, re-energize the Church’s missionary work, form a collection of music appropriate for Mass, write extensively, and teach clear doctrine, among many other things.

He, along with Augustine, Ambrose, and Jerome, are known as the Four Great Doctors of the Church, and to this day we refer to him as Saint Gregory the Great.

Saint Gregory the Great, patron of teachers, pray for us as we work to overcome the evils of our age and instill a love for the true Faith in our children. Help us follow your example as we sacrifice our own preferences for the greater good of raising those under our care for eternity in heaven.

Saint Silvia, mother of Gregory, pray for us to raise saints in our own families!

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