Being prepared for the time of preparation

We love sharing ideas from other Family Formation programs and you may have read my post about Cindy‘s great use of email to enhance her parish program.  Happily, it just came to our attention again and she has generously given permission for us to use some of her ideas here from time to time.  This week, the major theme is getting ready for Advent and she has great advice that will help you become prepared for this time of preparation.

Greetings Families and Happy November. Your first lesson for November starts next week, so now is a good time to do some prep work…

* Did you take a look at this year’s Liturgical Calendar? It’s beautiful!! If you look at the bottom of the side with the Monstrance, there is a code for coloring it. It starts on December 1st which will be here in a blink. With all the turkey eating before and the Christmas shopping after, you might just find now to be the perfect time to get it ready.
* Go ahead and take a glance at the Advent Activities packet. I love the Jesse Tree ornaments. Colorful visuals always bring a lesson to light. The Advent Calendar will need some prep work, too.

So turn on your favorite movie, pop some popcorn, or make some hot chocolate and start coloring. It just might take you back to being a kid which is the perfect state of mind to be in during Advent.

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