Fixing your eyes on heaven!

This week’s lesson continues the story of the Marcus family, but this time with more discussion on our final choices: heaven or hell, and purgatory.

“If we have said yes to Jesus Christ during our life and have had faith in Him and have done what He wants us to do, we will obtain everlasting life with Him. We cannot imagine the wonderful things that God has in store for us.”  – Mr. Marcus

The focus of the story is on heaven and God’s awesome plan to get us there, and that’s exactly where we want to keep it!
Heaven is the place where we will receive the reward we’ve earned (big or small) for all the ways we’ve shown love during our time on earth. In heaven we’ll be reunited with everyone else who has gone there before us, we’ll meet our patron saints and guardian angels and, most important, we will finally get to see God face to face.

At some point, you’ll definitely want to make sure your kids have a good understanding of the reality of hell, but only after they know with absolute certainty that God has created each of us for heaven and He offers everything we need to get there.

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