I Was Robbed!

https://i0.wp.com/4.bp.blogspot.com/-VBJQ7siq8RQ/TmCJprHLFxI/AAAAAAAAAdk/AqEuWqKS5ss/s250/Miller%2BFamily%2BPortraits%252C%2BNov.23%252C%2B2008%2B004.jpgYears and years ago someone in the Family Formation office ran across a testimony from a woman who grew up in the post Vatican II era that rang so true with our own experiences that we felt it could have been written by us.  We tried to locate the author of I Was Robbed without success, but because the article so perfectly captured one aspect of our motivation for developing Family Formation, we have always included it in the promotional folders given at all our workshops.

Imagine our delight when a more recent attempt to find the source was successful and led us to Leila Miller’s blog.  She has recently updated the testimony, this time complete with pictures, and more than ever we still highly recommend her uplifting story of conversion and love for the Catholic Faith!

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