Jeremiah the Prophet

This week’s lesson on Jeremiah is particularly nice from the teacher’s perspective because there is no preparation.   Really, if you just make some cocoa and sit by the fireplace for a little story time, you’ve got it covered.

The story is divided into four chapters, so if your kids are younger and have shorter attention spans, just depart from the traditional once a week lesson time and have two (or four) shorter bedtime stories/lessons.

You also may want to keep little hands busy while you’re reading by providing some play dough.  In chapter 3, page 12, God tells Jeremiah to go watch a potter work with clay.  “God told me we are the clay in His hands, and that He could do whatever He with wished to do with us.  He could either mold us into something wonderful and prosperous, or squish us into nothingness.  He would make us into a beautiful and grand vessel if only we would repent!”  Providing clay for your own little potters is an easy and creative way to reinforce this lesson.

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