Behold, I stand at the door and knock

The first level of entry described in this week’s lesson on the Church is each of us coming in as individuals.  “Your part in God’s plan began at your Baptism when your parents (or you, if you were older) invited God into your life for the very first time.”  Of course, we believe that Christ is constantly “knocking” (see Revelation 3:20) and each time you make the choice to please Him, you are opening that door again to let Him into your life in a new or fuller way.

This verse is inspiration for a familiar work of art.

knocking 2

It’s interesting to note that these works typically have a few things in common.  Jesus is standing outside, gently knocking.  He’s persistent, but not pushy in any way.  In these pieces, you can see that the landscape is overgrown because the door has not been opened in a long time.

The Light of the World, by William Holman Hunt

Jesus wants to bring His Light into your life and to show that, He’s often pictured with a lantern or other source of heavenly light.

A 19th century German steel engraving

In this one, as in the others, there is no doorknob or latch on the outside.  Only you can open that door and Jesus is always waiting for you to do it.

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