More resources for marriages and NFP

humanae vitaeAt our Saturday parent meeting a number of helpful NFP and marriage resources were mentioned during the parent’s discussion.  Thanks to Paulette for compiling the list for us!

General Information:

  • One More Soul has a wonderful website with multiple resources for theology, listing of NFP providers, doctors who are NFP supportive, and a very good listing of reading material that addresses various topics on marriage, family, contraception, and abortion etc. Their website is
  • The US bishops have a lot of good information. This is their home page They have a Marriage & Family Life section that addresses many relevant issues including the church’s teaching on marriage.
  • The website for our diocesan Marriage and Family life Office is an excellent resource

Natural Family Planning providers:

  • Couple to Couple League teaches the symptom-thermal method of NFP. Their website has excellent resources to medical providers, NFP teachers & classes, and general publications. This is the organization that provides classes at The Church of St. Paul. For questions, feel free to contact teaching couple & parishioners Jim and Paulette Kostick 763-413-1779.
  • Here is a listing of the other providers of NFP in the Twin Cities. (Sympto-thermal & Ovulation Method)

Medical resources:

  • Many couples feel that their only recourse to treat several medical conditions is the pill. However, the pill usually only treats the symptoms and doesn’t treat the true cause of the problem. It may mask serious medical issues that need to be addressed. The Paul VI Institute for Human Reproduction is an excellent resource that follows the Catholic Church’s Teachings. Dr. Hilgers, the founder, has helped countless couples through NaProTechnology. Please refer to their website for more information.
  • There is a clinic in the Twin Cities where all of the doctors are trained in NaProTechnology, are Pro-life and won’t prescribe contraception. They are AALFA Family Practice in White Bear Lake, MN.  Their website Their phone number is 651-653-0062.

Other resources mentioned at Family Formation:

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