Cindy’s suggestions for this week’s lessons

emailThanks to Cindy for sharing her weekly email encouragement with her parish Family Formation families (and with all of us)!

So I was TEMPTED to let this week’s e-mail to you go since it’s crazy here and it’s already Thursday but then I realized…

All the more reason to crack that envelope open because we all know… “that in everything God works for good with those who love Him.”

Children learn right and wrong first and foremost from their parents.. and not just your words but your actions as well. Little eyes are always watching. Trust in God to lead you and trust your conscience and your children will follow your lead. It’s the most rewarding feeling to watch/hear your kids make healthy and right choices. Way to go God and way to go parents!!!

The cookie activity is a very impressive one because it shows us that just because it ‘looks’ like a good choice doesn’t mean it is a good choice in the end.

Follow that with the ‘My Good Decisions Book’ activity and the point is made very well. THEN you can expound on that by using the book for your own family situations such as….
FACEBOOK interactions, text conversations, behavior at a friend’s house when mom or dad aren’t there to enforce the standards of your home. Lots of great ways to use the book.

CONSCIENCE IS A GIFT FROM GOD — Think about the best present you ever got. I bet you took really good care of it… a special place, keeping it clean and safe. Same with this gift of conscience. It needs to be taken care of and made strong. The lesson tells you how.

Have a great lesson and I promise to get this to you in a timely maner next week. I’ll avoid that ‘near occasion of’ delay.

Blessings all and happy lent!!!!!

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