You are invited!

The annual Chrism Mass, at which Archbishop John Nienstedt will bless the holy oils to be used locally for sacraments this coming year, is set for 7 p.m., March 19 at the Cathedral of St. Paul.

Everyone in the archdiocese is invited and encouraged to attend the Mass, Father Erickson said.

“Anyone who has a grandmother who is going to be anointed this year, anyone who is going in for surgery this year, anyone who is presenting a child for baptism, anyone who is walking with a child or grandchild for confirmation — all of these oils will quite clearly affect their life,” he said. “To be there for their blessing is a great gift and a great opportunity.”

Furthermore, he added, “To come to a celebration like this, which bears witness to the whole body of Christ, is a great affirmation of our community in Jesus. It’s also a great way of showing our support for our priests. It’s an evening in which [we] will renew our promises, and we as priests need the support and love of God’s holy people.”

Read this week’s Catholic Spirit to learn more about what happens at a Chrism Mass and why your family should attend.


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