Any piano students at your house?

pianoIf so, you may want to have them spend a little practice time with the hymn in next week’s Home Lesson.

Holy God, We Praise Thy Name is based on The Te Deum, a beautiful, ancient hymn of praise said to be written by Saints Ambrose and Augustine.  Besides being one of those songs that every Catholic should know, Holy God, We Praise Thy Name is the basis for next week’s activity booklet exploring Psalms of praise and our own response to God’s greatness!

Having a little family sing-along with this song would be the perfect way to begin (or end) next week’s Home Lesson on God the Father.

A couple more suggestions for this booklet:

  • Put a date on your children’s finished booklets and tuck them away in a safe place. The pictures they draw will give a treasured snapshot of this moment in their spiritual life.  
  • If you don’t want to keep the booklets, consider sending them to your children’s godparents.  They’ll be glad to see what a wonderful job you’re doing.  🙂

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