Jesus Christ is Lord!

The last lesson we had in April was on God the Father and this month we’re going to continue our study of the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity with lessons about God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  This week’s lesson on Jesus has lots of activity choices, so it will be easy for you to tailor it to the particular ages of your students.

The first major theme is the name of Jesus.  Scripture tells us that at the end of time, the sovereignty of Jesus will be made known to everyone who has ever lived and ALL will bend his knee at His holy name.  Right now though, we can see the importance of God’s name by simply reading the 2nd Commandment.  (See CCC 2142-2155.)

The next focus shifts a bit to the Incarnation.  Because Jesus was fully human He has some things in common with us, namely, His life can be plotted in a linear way (as on a timeline).  He was conceived, born, grew up, and died.  Use the scrapbook pages from this lesson to go over those events with your younger children and if you’d like an extra challenge, cut them apart like flashcards, mix them up, and see who can put the events back in order.


Finally, test your knowledge about the life of Christ with a family game ofSovereignty!   Each board has 30 questions about Jesus and you can play at two different levels for beginners or experts.  You can play competitively for the point value listed on each question, or just have everyone shout out the answers they know.

PARENTS: Be sure to do your homework ahead of time by preparing the game boards!


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