Testimony Tuesday – Worth the drive

Share a blessingI think the Family Formation program has really helped our whole family grow in our faith and in appreciation of it.  It’s helped my 6-year-old to be “on fire” for her faith, to have a real love and interest in the saints, and actually to proclaim that she wants to be a saint (and teach her brother how to also).  It has helped me, someone who has gone through RCIA, to understand and learn more about this great Catholic Faith and to be able to explain and defend it.  I am not from Church of Saint Paul, but drive about 45 minutes to go here because I wouldn’t want to do without it.  My husband is a cradle Catholic and he too learns more about his faith and he wouldn’t be able to get that otherwise.  I think he has grown in appreciation of the Faith and realizes the importance of passing it on to the kids.  God bless you for all you do!

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