Other Pieces in your September packet

Because we wanted to get right to the Extravaganza fun I didn’t spend a lot of time going over the September packet, so let’s take a minute to look over the other pieces here.

prayer center brochureIf you are new, I’d especially like to draw your attention to the pamphlet on how to create a prayer center in your home. A prayer center is a silent witness to your family’s faith that actually speaks volumes to everyone who sees it! The basic idea is that you start with a small table or shelf and create a little Catholic shrine. For more on why and how, read the pamphlet and see this post from our archives.

You can find your kids’ memory verse (to be recited at the October classroom meeting) in the packet as well. It’s pretty simple – just list the seven sacraments. Tomorrow I’ll post some flashcards you can print to help your non readers or visual learners practice the list.

And last, you have two different pieces to help you keep track of the Family Formation dates for this year. There’s a magnet reminder to hang is some handy place – your refrigerator or perhaps a metal filing cabinet. AND there’s a half page, yellow sheet that has the big picture of all the relevant Children’s Ministry dates for 2013-14. Want to make sure you don’t miss the Mother/Daughter Tea this year? It’s on there! Wondering when to plan your child’s First Holy Communion party? It’s in the box at the center of the page.

One thing I’d especially like to point out is that, while the Family Formation classroom meetings are typically the first Saturday and Monday of the month, there are exceptions, so PLEASE READ CAREFULLY, especially in December when the Monday meeting is before the Saturday meeting and in April, when the Monday meeting is actually at the end of March. We’d hate to have you show up on the wrong day, so perhaps when you write that one on your calendar, you may want to circle it in red.


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