Meet our new mascot!

We could hardly wait to introduce our new mascot to Family Formation families at the Church of Saint Paul this month!  As much as we LOVE to encourage reading the Bible, Catholics know that Scripture doesn’t stand alone, so our W.O.G. needed a friend.  He spent a long time in the planning stage and we’re so grateful to the talented parishioner who created the costume!

With that, we’d like to introduce C.A.T. to you all!

Cat & Wog 2 Cat & Wog

He’s wearing a Swiss Guard uniform – you can learn more about them on the Vatican website or on the bookmark kids picked up this month.


And we’re very excited to learn more about the ways Scripture and Tradition work together to bring us the fullness of the Catholic Faith!

In addition, parents are all invited to learn more about Sacred Tradition and turn in their CAT Stats cards each month to take part in the prize drawing.  There are literally hundreds and hundreds of ways to do it, and we gave just a few pages of suggestions – basic to challenging – to everyone.

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