The map is updated!

To see a map of all the current Family Formation parishes, click on the link on the sidebar. Know that we are praying for all of you every month at our Core Team meetings and we’re so glad you all have joined us in this great adventure of bring primary educators of our children in the Faith!

mapThanks for your help, Holly 🙂



  1. This is so cool! We are in FL and my mom bought your kit last year but we haven’t done much to implement it 😦 we find it so hard to implement family things in our parish last year we had a family class for confirmation and the kids all sat on one side of the room and the parents on the other 😦

  2. Our parish, St. Stephen’s Phoenix NY, just started using Family Formation this fall with our entire K-6 grade–42 families with 60+ children. We spent most of last spring and summer laying the foundation and have been very successful through the Dec family/children session and looking forward to January’s Adoration and Benediction.

    With the classroom lessons for the kids and “adult faith formation” for the adults (instead of the “family together” type of program), we find that the parents feel empowered to work with their children each week at home. Our pastor notes that when he walks through our church hall during the monthly meetings, students are engaged, active, enjoying themselves and learning, while parents are “putting it all together” for the first time!

    Our 7th through 10th grade students meet on Sunday for Ascension Press Bible Studies. Some of our families with older students come with their younger kids, bring along their weekly Family Formation packet, and work at a table in the church hall either with their family or with another family if there is only one child in each family.

    We are pleased and feel blessed to be able to use Family Formation and pray for others using this unique and sound program for the Glory of God!

    Gwen Cassel
    Faith Formation
    Saint Stephen’s Church
    Phoenix, NY

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