Leading with beauty

Prayer tables for April classrooms.

I know of a catechist who began her lesson on God the Father with this illuminating activity:  Each student was given a paper plate and a crayon.  Each was to hold the plate on top of his or her head while drawing a picture of God the Father on it.  Of course, the students were handicapped by these parameters in a number of ways, not the least of which was that they could not see what they were doing!  It was a fun introduction to the fact that we don’t know what the Heavenly Father looks like because no one has ever seen Him directly and left a description for us.

We will also not find physical details in Scripture beyond the fact that He wants to be known as “Father,”  so artists think about His other attributes when creating an image (He knows everything, is all powerful, and is not limited in any way).  God is typically depicted as a powerful mature man, often in some kind of regalia.  As you’re looking for ways to decorate your prayer table this month, consider these pieces:

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