The Hero Complex that is Destroying the Catholic Faith

Please take a few minutes today to read this excellent article by Jennifer Fitz on identifying what is wrong with the way the Faith is passed on in most parishes.

Yes, Family Formation agrees with her assessment.

Yes, we have a solution to the problem.


“When you monkey around with Church teaching, bad things happen.   We’ve identified a problem — kids whose parents aren’t disciples — and we’re so busy “solving” the crisis by heroically stepping in to replace the parents, that we’ve overlooked a small detail: Doing so is contrary to the Catholic faith.

Parents, not catechists, are the people ordained by God to pass on the faith to their children.  The mission of the Church is to make disciples of those parents, and equip them to teach their children.  If we have to choose between programs for adults and programs for children, adults are the priority.  Not because we don’t care about kids, but because we want what is best for kids.

What is best for kids is what is best for adults and what is best for the Catholic faith: Adult disciples passing on the faith within their families.”


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