Happy feast day holy Family Formation families!

Today is the feast of the Holy Family and in addition to the advice given in today’s readings, we thought you might enjoy this list  of eight ways for families to grow in holiness and especially the practical ideas for applying them.

Here’s just part of the entry on prayer:

Pray. Father Kirby pointed out the need to seek out times throughout the day for prayer.

“If a parent is dropping a child off at a sport or school event, before the child gets out of the car, they should say a prayer together, especially if the child is nervous about the sport or the event,” he said. “Pray, ‘I want God to bless you so that you will be successful.’”

He cited a mother who listened to her daughter tell of breaking up with her boyfriend and then said, “Let’s pray now for God to heal your broken heart.”

Praying in the midst of daily life shows “it’s very important to realize God is involved in everything we do, and everything we do in life is important,” Father Kirby explained.

Read more: http://www.ncregister.com/site/article/eight-ways-to-become-a-holy-family/#ixzz3vcevpCMN

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