Teaching our children about sexuality

We don’t bring it up, but in case your kids make some connections and have questions on next week’s Home Lesson on the Sanctity of Life, you may find this post on one family’s method on teaching their kids about sexuality to be a good read.  She includes some helpful details, a great list of resources, and an update with a very practical list of body safety rules.

UPDATE:  I fixed the link.  Apologies for the inconvenience!


  1. The link you sent on family methods of teaching your kids about sexuality, is not working. Can you send me the correct link?



  2. Hello Sue, Do you have that link to the post on teaching your children about human sexuality? I clicked on the link in your blog post and it said webpage unavailable…it looks like a good read/resource, and I would be interested in reading it. Thank you! Jeanette

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