Reluctant to go to Confession?

You’re in good company.

On Saturday, I realized that we could do part of the shopping, get to confession very easily, then finish shopping and get home before dinner.

The horror! There is nothing I resist more than going to confession. As soon as the idea pops into my head, eleven different excuses push their way forward, shouting and complaining. There’s no way! I have raw chicken in the car, and it’ll spoil! It would be inconsiderate to everyone else, because I left the baby at home! Probably Fr. Dan’s back hurts, and the last thing he wants is more people in line! I’m not even sure what time confession is! I’ve only been a member of this parish for nine years; how am I supposed to know when confession is? And anyway, I haven’t had time to prepare properly! It would be an insult to God to show up and blurt out a few things and skip all the really important stuff. It would be better to wait until I can do a really thorough job of it. Confession is really important, so let’s do it right. Let’s do it some other time.

No one likes confronting their failure.  No one likes admitting their weakness.  No one likes the realization that no matter how much they say they love Jesus, here I am again, rejecting Him.

If any of this applies to you, please click over to the original article, “Bless me, Father, for I’m a Mess” by Simcha Fisher.  I think you’ll appreciate the solidarity, and the wisdom she offers for overcoming these objections.



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