“The confessional is a place where people let God’s love win.”


I’ve blogged this before, but it’s well worth re-reading, especially in light of this month’s topic, Lent coming up soon, the Year of Mercy … you get the idea.

Click over here for Inside the Confessional: What Is it Like for a Priest?, but you probably won’t be surprised to hear that a priest views the sacrament of Reconciliation in a different light than some of us weary penitents do.  Here are a few pieces from his list:

I get to regularly come face to face with the overwhelming, life-transforming power of God’s love.

[I get to see]  see the way in which God’s sacrifice on the cross is constantly breaking into people’s lives and melting the hardest hearts.

I see a person who is still trying — a saint in the making.

Does a priest remember your sins?  Is he judging you for failing?  Is he bored or scandalized by what you have to confess?  Read to the end – you’ll be glad you did!

Then I have a few assignments for you:

  • Read it aloud to your entire family
  • Share it on your favorite social media sites
  • Forward a link to someone who has been expressing doubts about Confession
  • Print the article and mail it to someone you know
  • Take to heart all that Father Mike says here and receive the Sacrament!


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