Who is my patron Saint?

CCC 956

In the novena section of this week’s lesson we offer a simple variation in which you ask the prayers of your patron, but just how do you know who that patron might be?

There are several ways to determine this, and all are good ideas:

  • Your patron could be randomly chosen.
  • Your patron could be someone who shares your name.  (This is also sometimes referred to as  your name day.)
  • Your patron could be the one who celebrates their feast on your birthday.
  • Your patron could be someone with whom you share a common interest.  (For example, St. Joseph is a patron of fathers.  St. Luke is a patron of artists.  St. Nicholas is a patron of children.  St. Thomas Aquinas is a patron of students, etc.)
  • Your patron could simply be a saint you’ve chosen as a special friend.  (For example, many people feel an affinity to St. Therese for her very simple way of following Jesus, or to St. Francis deSales for his practical advice.  This category of patron can just be thought of as a friend you’d like to invite out for coffee.J)
  • All of the above.  You don’t have to limit yourself to one patron.  Just as you may ask many earthly friends and family members for prayer, you can do the same with your heavenly friends.


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