Fr. Augustine Tolton: America’s First Black Priest


Today on The Catholic Gentleman site, read the inspiring story of the first black priest in America and the role his parents’ example and sacrifice played in his vocation.  It’s a beautiful story!

In July 1886, Fr. Tolton’s homecoming caused a stir. At Quincy station there was a large and noisy crowd to welcome him. Both black and white, Catholic and non-Catholic came to see the young man who had left a much-loved friend and fellow worker and who now returned in a black soutane with a red sash. That day, however, there was one who stood apart from the crowd and quietly watched with tears in her eyes as her son returned to her a priest. He was always conscious that his vocation was as a result of his mother’s example and the Christian home she had provided for him, in spite of everything.

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