Abundant Blessings!


While our office has been extremely busy the past month+, the majority of what we have been responding to is parishes requesting more lessons because they are experiencing an overwhelming, and totally unexpected response to Family Formation. It seems that is the case more this year than ever in the past. So … praise the Lord! … and please keep praying for all of them!

Several parishes have reported an unusually high number of parents and older children that are coming forward wanting/needing to receive sacraments – from Baptism to Confirmation to having their marriages blessed. And several parishes are using Family Formation as a means to prepare them. In the words of one DRE from a new FF parish this year, “The field hospital is filling up!” and “We are gonna become a place of refuge.” She is so on fire that it is like receiving an injection of pure joy every time we talk with her!


Thanks for being there for us on this journey! We are off to a fairly positive start. The catechists are over-the-moon with the new materials and the kids had a blast on Saturday. My heart was swelling with joy!!!!!


While we have only just begun Family Formation, it is already proving to be a tremendous blessing to our parish families. Thank you so much for providing us with such a beautiful foundation. May God be forever praised!


“We have had an amazing response! We invited our Catholic School families, and we now need to double our Home Lesson numbers!”


“We had a great opener … the best one we’ve ever had! Our Hispanic priest was supposed to speak for 20 minutes and he spoke for 45. He had everyone laughing and crying, and no one minded the longer session!”


Another DRE was talking to a dad who was going to send one child to a neighboring parish and his second grader to her parish since the second grader was the only second grade student in the neighboring parish. As she explained Family Formation and the topic for October being the Liturgical Calendar, etc., he responded, “So, you mean I might learn something too?!”
Well … perhaps! 🙂

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