Family Challenge Successes: Mealtime Edition


In our October Family Challenge we asked families to do something to enhance their meal times together, and now we’re pleased to follow up with a few of the great suggestions we received:

  • Our meals are all screen free.
  • Nightly dinners together where we share the best parts of our day and how we helped people that day.
  • We invited Grandma and Grandpa over to share our Sunday dinner.
  • We used the discussion questions provided by Family Formation to talk more at our family dinners.
  • Practicing silence for prayer during or after the meal [Pretty rare ;-)]
  • Each day is a different family members’ day at dinner.  We go around the table and everyone says something they like about that person.
  • Making the conscious decision to be somewhat warm and pleasant toward my family instead of a rushed “here’s the food now sit down and eat!” disposition that builds during a hectic after school/meal prep time.
  • We got everyone involved in meal prep and clean up.

Thanks to all the families who participated and we look forward to all your recommendations for next month’s topic!

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