8 Things You Should Know About the Fatima Apparitions

  1. We wrote about the first one, gaining an indulgence, yesterday.fatima icon
  2. Catholics are not bound to believe in the visions at Fatima.
  3. The miracle of the sun was requested by Lucia to prove that the devil was not at work in the apparitions.
  4. The chapel that Our Lady requested to be built in her honor in Fatima was destroyed in 1922.
  5. The famous statue of Our Lady of Fatima was made under the direction of Sister Lucia – one of the children to whom Our Lady appeared.
  6. The world is consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
  7. The children at Fatima saw hell and we should take warning.
  8. Jacinta, one of the children who Our Lady appeared to, is an incorruptible.

Read the details of each here, at epicpew.com

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