“Alexa, ask Saint Quotes to inspire me.”

I’m equally creeped out and impressed by the possibilities of this.


First of all, what is this thing?

Echo is a line of smart speakers/home accessories from Amazon. The line includes the original Amazon Echo and the Echos Dot, Tap, Look, and Show. All Echo devices (and many some devices from other manufacturers) include Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-powered voice service, which can do all sorts of things like play music, add items to todo lists, and control the bits and pieces of smart home systems like dimming light bulbs and adjusting thermostats. Anybody can make “skills” for Alexa which enable it to do more things.

If you have an Amazon Echo use it to help you live your Catholic faith!  This article lists 7 Alexa Skills you can activate to help you do so:

  1. Saint Quotes (Inspirational quotes whenever you need one!)
  2. Prayer Buddy (Need someone to lead your rosary?)
  3. Saint of the Day (Look up today’s saint or any patron.)
  4. Mass readings (Daily readings from the lectionary.)
  5. Catholic Facts (Lots of random stuff that you probably want to know)
  6. A different format for Saint of the Day (Short biography of the day’s saint)
  7. Catholic news from EWTN (Audio from EWTN News Nightly added to your morning briefing.)

Plus it will play the best of Catholic Radio for you!


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