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We were talking about guardian angels this morning and had a question.  Once you die, is your angel assigned to someone else or do they stay with you in heaven?


I think this article is helpful:

The Fathers of the Church speak of this mission when they say that guardian angels are present with the soul at the moment of death, and protect it from the last attacks of demons.

Saint Aloysius Gonzaga (1568–1591) taught that at the moment when the soul leaves the body, it is accompanied and consoled by its guardian angel so that the soul can present itself confidently before the Judgment Seat of God. The angel, according to this saint, presents the merits of Christ so that the soul can find support in them at the moment of its particular judgment. Once the Divine Judge has pronounced his sentence, if the soul is sent to purgatory, it will be visited frequently by its guardian, who will comfort and console it, bringing the prayers that have been offered for it, and assuring the soul of its future liberation.

In this way it is understandable that the help and mission of the guardian angel does not end with the death of those the angels protect. This mission continues until the soul reaches union with God.

[…] If the soul decides to enter communion with God, it joins its angel in praising the One and Triune God for all eternity.

UPDATE: You’ll also find lots of great information here including:

  • Does every human being have a guardian angel?
  • Why is every man given a guardian angel?
  • What does the guardian angel do after his charge has died?
  • What about the guardian angels of the damned?
  • Can a guardian angel be assigned to be another human’s guardian?
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