Consecration Novena, day 9

For Family Formation’s future growth and direction; curriculum development, workshops, marketing, Spanish translation, and new products

Dear Lord, as You taught us to pray, we ask that You “give us our daily bread,” and thereby simply express our complete trust and reliance on You. (CCC 2979, 2861) We do not need to know or even understand Your plan, we simply ask that You increase our faith and trust, that You, Who are the giver of all that is good, will continue to supply the grace to move forward according to Your will. Please bless us, guide us, direct us, and protect us as we seek to build Your kingdom. Our Lady of Good Counsel, intercede for us as we seek God’s will for the future growth and direction of Family Formation. Above all, we want to hear His voice and confidently cooperate with His plan.

Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary …Novena, day 9

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