How are you doing?

Laetare Jerusalem” (“Rejoice, O Jerusalem”) is Latin from Isaiah 66:10.

Plan for Lenten Growth

This weekend is Laetare Sunday, a midpoint in Lent and a time where the Church officially lets us know that the time to celebrate is on the horizon!  We think this is a great time to pull out the My Plan For Lenten Growth sheets you filled out last month and evaluate how you’re all doing.  It’s not too late to correct your course if necessary, and it’s definitely not too late to recommit to the original plan.

Once you are finished measuring your progress, we suggest you cooperate with the spirit of the day and celebrate … just a little.  On this day priests have the option of wearing rose-colored vestments, so dress your priest paper doll appropriately and add some pink ice cream to your grocery list for Laetare Sundaes.

One of the reasons why we LOVE being Catholic is that it gives us countless reasons to celebrate the joy of belonging to Christ and we hope you’ll take advantage of Sunday’s opportunity!


*and, for what it’s worth, this Sunday/sundae pun works for all sorts of liturgical celebrations, so keep it in mind,  Catholic ice cream lovers!  Divine Mercy Sundae, Ascension Sundae, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Sundaes … I can do this all day. 🙂

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