Why paper?

Someone asked us today why we choose to print lessons instead of providing an online pdf link. Here are a few reasons:

  • Learning from a printed piece improves retention (a key point in preventing kids from becoming “nones” as they grow up)
  • Paper is one of the only truly renewable resources
  • Paper is generally created from family-owned forests. Remove paper as an industry and those families may have to develop the land in other, less environmentally friendly ways to create an income for their families
  • Over the last 60 years, the net total U.S. forest area has increased by over 3% and the net volume of trees on forestland has increased by 58%.4 In Canada, the forest cover has remained stable over the last two decades and the area harvested each year represents less than 0.5% of Canada’s 860 million acres of total forest land.

More:  https://twosidesna.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/16/2018/06/Paper-production-supports-sustainable-forest-management2.pdf

  • Thanks, Lisa!

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