Bringing your little kids to adoration

We are firm believers in the power of Eucharistic Adoration to bring us closer to Jesus and it’s built into Family Formation lessons is all sorts of ways (including last month’s Catholic Academy time of family Adoration and Benediction), but we still know that it sometimes takes heroic effort to get there with little kids, even for a few minutes.

So when Deb found this testimony from Nancy Bandzuch (Catholic Sprouts) we knew we had to share it with you:

My kids were crazy. Some of them are downright wild! Before this I had “stopped by” adoration a few times with the kids, but that was it. A whole hour, every week? Um, no. Impossible.

Her testimony is full of encouragement and practical advice and we hope you are all blessed by it and moved to bring your family to spend more time with Jesus!

And from our archives: Adoration Etiquette

One final thought: We’ve had an Adoration Chapel at our parish for about 25 years and one of the most beautiful witnesses I’ve ever seen was a mom with a newborn who had a regular hour on some of the mornings when I would pop in before the work day started. What initially caught my eye was that she turned the baby carrier so her tiny son was facing the monstrance – a lovely act of devotion, setting him up so he and Jesus could see each other. Today, she still comes for her regular hour with her little guy, now a busy 2-year-old, and while there are challenges, I’m always moved by her love for the Eucharist and her persistence in passing that love on to her little one so he can continue to see Jesus face to face as he grows up.

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