Hats off to Highlight!

Family Formation is made available to parishes and families across the country, but that would not be possible without the efforts of the stellar team at Highlight Printing.

When Lisa Bickford, owner, just happened to walk into our office in 2006 on a totally unrelated quest, little did we (or she) know it was in answer to our prayers. It was at a time when we were being stretched beyond our capabilities of providing for the continued growth, and Lisa had all the answers to our printing and shipping needs.

Since then, the folks at Highlight Printing have been invaluable to us in adding a professional touch to our resources and working tirelessly behind the scenes to print and ship the lessons each month and prepare the many resources we offer. They always go above and beyond!

Hats off to Lisa, Don, Kathy, Trish and the amazing team at Highlight Printing!

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