Prayer in your domestic Church

It seems our domestic churches are about to get a workout, so let’s go back to the basics and work on ways we can reflect the mission, catechesis, witness and prayer of the Church on a very local level in our homes.

You can’t get to church, or don’t want to? You have almost certainly already received a dispensation from your bishop, and there are excellent reasons to stay home, but our mandate to keep the Lord’s Day holy is still in place. It’s Sunday, and I’ve been reading LOTS of posts from families who watched Mass online or on their television, read the Sunday Mass readings together, prayed the Liturgy of the Hours/rosary/litanies/spontaneous prayer, or made a Spiritual Communion today. All great options!

If you want to go one step further, this would be a wonderful time to set up a prayer center (aka family altar) in your home. Encouraging families to do this has been part of Family Formation for as long as it’s existed, but perhaps a worldwide pandemic is the nudge you need to finally make it happen in your home.

Once you find a space, actually pulling it together is much easier than you think. This article from our archives will be helpful. Using candles and the liturgical colors of the Church will help you stay connected with your parish even when you can’t be there. And if you have a priest paper doll, be sure to help Father dress for Mass and invite him into your family’s prayer times.

(My house, today)

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  1. Thank you for this inspiring article. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I always wanted to homeschool my children. I have grandchildren and I desire to pass the faith to them. Thanks for sharing.

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