Preparing for Holy Thursday

We are all longing to go to Mass, especially this week, but it’s also true that there are some bright spots in this whole situation. Many families are finding blessings in a slower pace and a simplified schedule. It’s leaving time for meals together, and increased prayer, and this is a great opportunity to strengthen your family bonds.

If we were at Mass this Thursday we would see Father washing the feet of a few others from the parish in a beautiful reminder of Christ’s example and call to serve one another. We recommend you do not let the opportunity pass by but consider this call in the context of your own Domestic Church. How do you – everyone in your family – serve one another? How do you each contribute to the blessings of family life? How are you grateful for each other’s contributions? How have these contributions changed in the past few weeks since you’ve all been at home together? Washing one another’s feet could be an especially beautiful custom this year as you are, no doubt, serving one another in new and perhaps more intense ways while you’re all home together.

We’ve taken some of the elements of the foot-washing ceremony you won’t be experiencing at Mass this week and formatted a script and directions for use in your home. We hope it will be helpful to you.

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