Let the celebration begin!

In a “glass half full” way I want to remind myself (and all of you) that in some ways it’s easier to try new things and develop new habits when the routine is upset. Keeping that in mind, I propose these lists of ways to keep the Easter celebration going all the way through Pentecost, and I sincerely hope you’ll find some of them to be good ways to add some joy and growth in holiness to your quarantine.

Part 1:

  • If your family buried an Alleluia at the beginning of Lent, find it and display it on your prayer table.
  • Church bells have been silent for all of Lent. Ring a small bell to call your family to prayer time. If you live alone, start your own prayer time by ringing a joyful little bell.
  • Keep fresh flowers in your home.
  • Tell stories of family baptisms.
  • Drape any crosses of crucifixes you may have with a strip of white cloth.
  • Decorate your family prayer space in white or gold.
  • Plant some seeds. (Here in MN, it’s the perfect time to start seeds indoors.)
  • Read the Easter story from Matthew 28
  • Use the old Easter greet and response: “Christ is risen!” “Truly He is risen!”
  • Add an “alleluia” to the “amen” at your prayer times.

More tomorrow.

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