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We have spoken with literally hundreds of parishes in the last few months and many have come to the conclusion that now is the time to move to family catechesis. Parents across the country have been thrust into the role of being primary educators, and pastors and DREs are looking for ways to continue faith formation within the pandemic guidelines.

When COVID-19 suddenly upset religious education programs all across the country, Family Formation was able to make a quick and smooth transition allowing families to continue formation easily.

Given the fact that we are hearing from so many parents everywhere that they are suffering from virtual burnout, we are very grateful that Family Formation Home Lessons provide families with the materials they need – printed and complete and ready for use in the home to transmit the Faith through family relationships. Give your families the tools they need to pass on the Faith well and with confidence!

  • Family Formation is the one program with a 31+ year track record of success.
  • Family Formation is organically grown and inspired by the Holy Spirit.
  • Family Formation is on the USCCB’s Catechetical Conformity List.
  • Family Formation offers real-world support from a team that has used the program both in parishes and with their own families.
  • Family Formation is available in both English and Spanish.
  • Family Formation comes with a team of people praying for your parish by name every month.

Would you like to learn more? Email Deb Lindahl (deb@churchofsaintpaul.com) to set up a time to discuss the specifics of your parish situation.

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