Hey, Dad!

In this year of Saint Joseph, I just want to lift up an internet sensation, Rob Kenney, and his Dad, How Do I? (Practical “Dadvice” for everyday tasks) YouTube channel. Rob’s own dad abandoned him and his seven siblings when he was only 14. As an adult, Kenney turned to his Catholic faith and decided to do what he could to fill that hole for other kids. His goal is to raise good adults and that’s what he did until his own two kids grew up.

The past year’s quarantine turned out to be the perfect time to continue that goal on a bigger scale. Dad, How Do I? is a collection of fatherly advice, encouragement, practical how-to’s and, of course, dad-jokes. His positive, practical tone is resonating with people and he’s currently got over 3 million subscribers.

From an article in Australia’s Catholic Voice: He doesn’t assume his tips are the best, and he’s aware of the many other sources online. He also recognizes his own failings as a father, and the importance of seeking forgiveness. And before ending on a corny dad joke, he expresses the need to just be kind to each other. Rob Kenney is just what the internet needs — a positive, practical and caring dad who wants to share his skills. It’s no surprise that he’s garnered so many subscribers, fans, and positive messages in return.

And, as always, Family Formation does not ever recommend children be allowed on the internet without adult supervision.

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