All in God’s Plan

7 p.m. Wednesday, March 24

All adults are welcome! Jen Messing will be addressing parents for the All in God’s Plan Parent Night, speaking to issues that are relevant for our 10-14 year olds. Parents, grandparents—all adults are welcome to hear wisdom on this important topic.

Learn more about our Mother-Daughter Tea and Father-Son BBQ events at this required parent night, and here:

Jen, founder and executive director of Into the Deep, has been giving presentations and leading theology of the body-based retreats in both outdoor and traditional settings since 2002. Her particular gift is to inject the universal language of the theology of the body into a wide range of ages, populations, and subject matter, showing how applicable it is in everyday life and in every aspect of the Catholic faith.


  1. Is this something any program can invite their parents to attend? Or just your parish? I clicked on the register now link and it went to the BBQ and Tea Party

    • We will be meeting in our main church area with a capacity of 350, so all adults are welcome (parishioners or not).

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