All In God’s Plan Parent Night

My first exposure to the the Theology of the Body involved cassette tapes of Christopher West on a roadtrip to North Dakota. I listened to them twice (and many times after that) knowing immediately – like so many others – that this language held the core answers to all the big questions in life. When I started studying the book for the first time, it took me a year to pronounce “eschatological” without stopping midstream. I owe much to those who explained all the big theological and philosophical terms to me – people with much greater degrees than I – and so I now put myself at the service of those who want the heart of the message in everyday, applicable language. – Jen Messing

  • Are you looking for the language to teach your kids about today’s big questions?
  • Are you unsure of the Church teachings on human sexuality?
  • Are you interested in learning more about our parish programs on the topic?

Come tonight – 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 24

All adults are welcome! Jen Messing will be addressing parents for the All in God’s Plan Parent Night, speaking to issues that are relevant for our 10-14 year olds. Parents, grandparents—all adults are welcome to hear wisdom on this important topic.

Learn more about our Mother-Daughter Tea and Father-Son BBQ events at this required parent night, and here:

Jen, founder and executive director of Into the Deep, has been giving presentations and leading theology of the body-based retreats in both outdoor and traditional settings since 2002. Her particular gift is to inject the universal language of the theology of the body into a wide range of ages, populations, and subject matter, showing how applicable it is in everyday life and in every aspect of the Catholic faith.

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